Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A sad day finally arrives...

I'm sorry to say but I think I'm going to have to abandon this blog. I was afraid this would happen when I went over to the dark side! (Tumblr) but the fact is I don't think anyone really looks at this one very much anymore, it's hard to keep up two, and blogger gets spammed to death which kinda freaks me out. So if you care to continue following my blog you will now find it at:
Thanks! <3


Anne said...

beautiful blog :))

xoxo :*

sinceras emoções de uma adolecente said...

oi entre no meu blog http://biancablack.blogspot.com/

where'sthechapstick said...

nooooo!!!!!! dont cross over to the dark side.

Ghosts Of Danville said...

Hey, this is a pretty sweet blog... Very girly... I am not a girly-girl and all, but still. Preeetty ^.^ I have a blog about ghosts, my friend Randy and I made. Its pretty sweet... Go check it out.

Ghosts Of Danville said...


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