Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uh... Guess i'm goin to chesapeake.

This is not good.

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Juge said...

I would just like to make a comment (yes, to myself) about what a HORRIBLE experience this night was. Starts vomiting rain about 4:30PM. Leave work at 5, inching traffic all the way to norfolk. Upon entering Norfolk, discover ALL exits leading to my house are blocked by cops becaue of flooding. Forced to keep going forward, over bridge, and onto 464 into chesapeake. All exits i know leading back are blocked here too, end up in portsmouth for hours wandering up and down streets, turning around bc of 1 to 2-ft deep water, crying, lost, unhappy. FINALLY emily gets on the phone/internet and helps me find a safe route home. Arrive home 3 hours later, never been so happy to walk in that door. Time to get out of Norfolk!