Thursday, May 13, 2010

Possibly the evilest birds on the planet...

So this bird, the common Cuckoo, is pure evil. Mother Cuckoos actually sneak into other types of birds' nests, knock an egg out of said perpetrated nests, poop out one of their own eggs, and are gone within ten seconds. TOTAL jerks. Then, when their egg hatches, the chick is usually so much bigger than the other eggs/babies, it either scoots the unhatched eggs out of the nest or scoots the other babies out, so it can get ALL of the food! MEAN!!! Sometimes the cuckoo chicks are so large, they're like 5 times bigger than the surrogate momma bird and she feeds them anyway! (like the poor bamboozled momma bird above) The cuckoos just let the unsuspecting birds raise their babies while they go off on vacation sans responsibility. It's so much more sinister and dramatic though, all types of evil backstabbing revenge-induced actions involved you have no idea.
My life.... is this exciting.

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