Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Pretty happy with my week so far. Monday I took a sick day from work, knowing they would rather me use my sick time than come in and fart around all day (not super busy right now) so yesterday I slept (well, stayed in bed) til 11, which was FANTASTIC. Calvy didn't even bother me. Made some tea and breakfast, cleaned up, and picked up my apartment. I did have some sinus crap to deal with so i neti-potted (danger) and got some sinus/allergy meds. Then I went to get my tires balanced and rotated on my car, after dealing with massive shaking of the car the whole trip home from nova. Caught up on my Authentic Life 40-day devotional book I've been slacking on whilst waiting at Pep Boys. Got my car washed/vacuumed, ran across a busy street to get some Jimmy John's (which was delicious) got a bunch of groceries at Trader Joe's, came home and fed Cal, and then tried out my new bike at the college across the street. Pleased with my productive day, I rewarded myself with some Pushing Daisies with Cal on the back porch. Laura came over later and we walked up to Mellow Mushroom and got some pizza. It was beautiful weather! Today is disgusting raining dreary and I'm so glad my "sick" day was not. Back to work!

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